Balloon Boy, Balloon Boy And More Silly Balloon Boy Coverage On Cable News

Jan. 5, 2009 - George H. W. Bush, forty first President of the United States, brings his son Jeb Bush to the desk of future Presidents in hopes to keep the Bush family title powerful in America's long term. The Bush family wants it all, as Jeb Bush just might be their next opportunity in securing America's control.

Here is exactly where it will get frightening. These days there are massive swimming pools of cash all over the globe in mutual money, hedge money, pension plans, state and federal retirement accounts operate not by geniuses, but rather by Wall Street-trained thinking that has made no plan for a bear market. During past years we have seen the NASDAQ fall 75%25 and the DOW & S&P fall forty%twenty five. This current rally has gotten back again some of the losses but, it could effortlessly fall much more from here.

So what thrilling news gave shares this kind of a boost that the Dow and the S&P 500 completed in the green? There wasn't any. Nevertheless there was a POMO auction on Thursday, in which the New York Fed took bids for roughly $6-$8 billion in Treasury coupons dated 2018-2021, resulting in approximately $150-$200 billion in leveraged capital dispersed by the Fed to the Primary Sellers whose proprietary buying and selling desks were able to ramp-up shares through the afternoon. As I lately explained on my weblog, This procedure was explained as "The POMO Effect" in a 2009 paper by Precision Jason Colodne entitled, "A Grand Unified Theory of Market Manipulation". Enjoy this milieu whilst it lasts -- because following quantitative easing finishes on June 30, "late working day rallies" will be couple of and far in between.

Forget the SEC (Securities and Trade Fee). If they are aware of the chance of mass exodus from the securities marketplace they are not doing anything about it. Mutual fund professionals are needed by their constitution to keep a large part of their portfolio invested even if it indicates buying stocks they know have no worth. They give the excuse that the lengthy-tern horizon is excellent for this-or-that business. That will not help the hapless investor when he arrives to retirement and his cash has shrunk to cans of canine meals. No more filet mignon. Many money will not allow their professionals to purchase T-Bills when there is nothing worthwhile. This is something the SEC should do, but most likely will not till following the fact.

Capital arrives in two varieties: Psychological money, and that which is in your account: Of the two, psychological money is the much more essential. Holding dropping positions costs measurable sums of real capital, but it expenses immeasurable sums of psychological money.

He discusses how China keeps its prices low - by buying great quantities of US denominated financial debt. He ties this into the subprime mortgage marketplace. He also discusses how China may not see a recession to the extent. here He attracts comparisons in between the partnership of China and The united states and the one shared by Britain and Germany. This relationship broke down and resulted in World War.

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